Re-charge your batteries!

07 Jul Re-charge your batteries!

Begin your day by letting a sunrise comfort your soul to start your busy day.

Mahekun Lake  Manitoba Sunrise                   (Photo by Russ Bettschen)

Let the morning sunrise ease you into the distraction filled day ahead. This is a quiet time to simply gather your thoughts for the day.  We as humans, need to have some alone time to think and re-charge ourselves to take on the many things that constitute our busy schedules in our daily lives.

My favorite quiet times are sunrises and sunsets, and the best place to view these awesome wonders of God is out in the wilderness or country away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and the noises and distractions that can occur.  Nature is where you can really appreciate and enjoy this beautiful planet that has been created by God.

Sunrises in nature, away from major roads or towns and cities are quiet places to experience the start of a new day beginning with just the sound of birds singing or insects buzzing to signal the beginning of a new day.  This quiet alone time, helps you have clear thoughts about how your day is going to play out.  It is a time to appreciate everything good that you have been given by our creator – God.  The air seems cleaner and smells fresher, with more oxygen being produced by a lush tree environment.  I have come up with many great ideas and solutions to enhance my business and life while pondering God’s beauty.

It is a time to thank God for another day, to experience this great world he has created. and how simple our daily lives can proceed if we open ourselves up to listen to the quietness of the morning.

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